Tag: Meeting people

Tag: Meeting people

General Information for Expats

The purpose of this section of Poland Expat Information is to cover topics of a general nature, the subjects which tend to be asked by new expats arriving in the country. We will add and update this page on a regular basis.

Money Transfers:

One of the questions, which pops up time and time again, is what is the best way to transfer money to Poland? We’ve asked around within the Expat community and these are the recommendations:

The most popular method by far was Wise (formerly TransferWise).

Transfer money or spend abroad 6x cheaper than old-school banks, and receive money around the world for free. Always with the real exchange rate, no hidden fees.

Residency, Passports, Driving Licence, Healthcare & Working:

We have provided information on these subjects here.

Dental Services in Poland:

Please visit our sister website, ‘Dentists in Poland’ for information about dental services and finding a dentist.

Meeting people

When you first come to Poland, unless you live in a city where it's easy to find other expats or new friends, it can be quite lonely. A good way to find friends or like-minded people is to search online. Our Love Poland platform has been specifically designed so that you can search for friends who have the same interests and live in the same area as yourself. It's free to join.

Cooking experiences

If you're in Warsaw and want to learn how to cook pierogi properly and enjoy a few Polish liqueurs at the same time? Check out these local cooking experiences.

Warsaw Old Town Tours & Experiences