Krzyztopor Castle
Krzyztopor Castle

Krzyztopor Castle, Ujazd

Updated 21 August 2022

Krzyztopor Castle is located in the tiny village of Ujazd, 35km from the town of Sandomierz. The castle is in ruins today but still attracts many visitors who are free to explore the grounds, ascend the turrets and ponder its remarkable, yet bizarre history.

The castle was commissioned in the 17th century by Krzysztof Ossoliński, an eccentric magnate with a fantastical imagination and it took 13 years to build (1631 to 1644). The construction was supervised and designed by Lorenzo Muretto, an Italian architect who was one of the few people around during this time who could create Ossolinski’s dream.

Krzyztopor Castle

A work of fantasy

Krzyztopor Castle was indeed a work of fantasy, with immense stone walls; which were 600 metres long. It was designed to embody a calendar. It had four towers to represent the four seasons, twelve large halls to symbolise the twelve months of the year, fifty two rooms for the fifty two weeks and three hundred and sixty six windows to represent the days of the year (one only to be used during a leap year).

When construction of the castle was complete, it was known as an unconquerable fortress due to its modern fortifications and location.

Supposedly, the ball room within the castle had an aquarium in place of the ceiling and some of the cellars were used as stables for the owner’s 370 white stallions.

Krzyztopor Castle

Underground tunnel

There are also rumours about the cellars being adorned with black marble and mirrors, underfloor heating and a 15 km underground tunnel covered in sugar.

Ossolinski was unfortunately unable to enjoy his version of Neverland because he died from a heart attack just one year after its completion leaving the estate to his son, a captain in the Polish Hussars, who now supposedly haunts the ruins of the castle at night wearing his armour.

The castle was turned into the headquarters of Swedish invaders in 1655 who left the once magnificent structure destroyed and looted and was eventually abandoned in 1770 when the owners at the time were unable to maintain it and the structure fell into ruin.

Krzyztopor Castle

Beware of the ghosts

Today, the castle is rumoured to be haunted not only by the Polish Hussars captain and son of Krzysztof Ossoliński; but also, a White Lady and her little white dog who continue to appear on the castle walls together on certain nights.

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