Underground Attractions

Going underground

There is a surprising number of underground attractions in Poland with some real gems to be discovered including 17 mines, 9 cave systems, tunnels, dungeons, medieval cellars and even a city. Most visitors to Poland are aware of the beauty of places such as the Tatra Mountains and of the architectural wonders that can be found in the cities of the country; but few people know about the hidden treasures that can be found beneath the surface.

On this page, you will find our six favourite underground attractions; which includes four that have been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO.

Haunted tunnels

There’s plenty of underground attractions for ghost & ghoul hunters to explore. A favourite haunt are the cellars beneath the market square in Sandomierz where you may meet the ghost of Halina Krepianka who was rumoured to be both beautiful and brave or for those who like their ghosts to be benevolent, the tunnels beneath Chelm are rumoured to be home to a nasty spirit named Bieluch.

Beneath the city of Krakow and housed within the underground corridors of the market square, you will find a museum; which showcases how the city looked and felt during the Middle Ages complete with stone roads with potholes made by cart wheels during the 13th century. Learn more about the Krakow Main Market Square Underground Museum and book tickets for a tour.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the top attractions in Poland with over 1.2 million visitors a year. Tourists from all over Europe and the globe arrive to see the historic statues and mythical figures that have been carved out of the rock salt by the mine workers. Among other attractions which one can see on a tour of the mine is a real chapel, which is sometimes used for private events, including weddings.


As a kid, you probably wondered what it was like to live a long time ago. Take a moment to find your inner curious child, because now you have the chance to do so! Take just a few steps down under the surface of the Main Market Square and find yourself in Kraków from centuries ago.

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