Sunday shopping ban

Shopping in Poland is similar to shopping in any European country. In the cities and towns, you will find numerous modern shopping centres sporting all of the well-known brands in addition to bustling markets, factory outlets and small, quaint privately owned shops selling handcrafted local goods.

When you visit Poland, if shopping is on your itinerary, be aware that there is a Sunday shopping ban in force. It is not a total ban however, in 2020 shops were allowed to open on 7 Sundays during the year. You’ll still find convenience stores open in addition to pharmacies, petrol stations, bakeries and open-air-markets plus souvenir shops, so you’ll still be able to get that last minute gift that you forgot to buy.

Sales are held in Poland twice a year. The most popular is the winter sale, which starts in the middle of December with discounts of around 15%. By January, these discounts can be as high as 60% and that is the best time to shop. In February, the discounts can be even higher; however you’ll be lucky to find anything that you actually want by then.

Sheep’s wool socks

Handcrafted goods differ by the region of Poland that you may find yourself in. If you’re in the mountains or near Zakopane, then pick yourself up a pair of sheep’s wool socks, they’re a little itchy but they’re really warm. In Kaszuby, you’ll find beautiful embroidered tablecloths with seven colours, hand-made snuff boxes and pictures painted on glass. In Gdansk and Warsaw, you’ll find a fine selection of amber and silver.

Polish linen is very popular due to its quality and colours and the best place to find it is in a chain of shops called Cepelia.

Other popular souvenirs that you can find in Poland include; Silesian porcelain, glass & cut glass, hand-painted Christmas tree baubles gingerbread and vodka.

Below, you will find information about a few of Poland’s most popular shopping destinations.

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