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Welcome to our expats in Warsaw section where we provide expats with useful information to help them to live and work in Warsaw.

Expats in Warsaw have the advantage over other expats in the country because the city is a significant cultural, political, and economic hub and also a major international tourist destination.

It's also a great place to live. Warsaw has changed rapidly over the past two decades and can now compete with most European cities, particularly with its incredible selection of restaurants.

The days when milk bars were once the norm are well over. Cool cafes, trendy bars, craft beer bars and buzzing night clubs complement the great dining spots and theatres. Warsaw is a city that knows how to let its hair down!

Warsaw is blessed with beautiful parklands with green space covering almost a quarter of the city’s total area. These range from small neighbourhood parks and green spaces along streets or in courtyards, to tree-lined avenues, large historic parks, nature conservation areas and urban forests at the fringe of the city.

Learning the Polish language is difficult, it’s definitely something that all expats should strive to do; however if there is one place you can get away with speaking English combined with really bad or non-existent Polish, it is Warsaw. Lots of Varsovians speak English well, which makes communicating and socialising relatively easy.

The Law Firm of Bernard Lukomski was founded in 2003 in Warsaw. Since then, we have worked on a wide range of projects and transactions for both domestic and International clients.

Work & Accommodation

Warsaw is where the lion’s share of call centres and business services centres are based, so it is possible to find work just speaking your native language, a huge advantage, which is not available outside of the major cities in Poland.

The Polish also have a huge appetite to learn English and they are more than happy to supplement their language education to learn English from a Native speaker.

Finding accommodation in the city is fairly easy, there are many apartments available to rent. If you want to purchase property, you may be surprised at the cost, it’s not cheap anymore and you can pay upwards of half a million PLN for a small 2 bed apartment in the suburbs. The same apartment would cost around PLN 2,500 to rent each month. Prices in the centre are much higher.

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Tours & attractions

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