Krasiczyn Castle
Krasiczyn Castle


Krasiczyn Castle – updated 10 January 2023.

Krasiczyn Castle is a beautiful Renaissance-style castle located in the village of Krasiczyn, in south-eastern Poland. The castle was built in the late 16th century, and it has been passed down through the generations over the centuries. It has had various renovations over time, that includes rebuilding and additions in the Baroque and Classicism styles.

Krasiczyn Castle is more of a palace come stately home than a castle and is beautifully photogenic, the kind of place where young girls dream of marrying their Prince Charming. Whitewashed walls, turrets and an arcaded courtyard all help to give Krasiczyn that Cinderella feeling.

Old & New

The castle is composed of two main buildings, connected by a stone bridge. The older building, known as the “Old Castle," was built in the Renaissance style, and is characterized by its tall, pointed towers and impressive gate. The newer building, known as the “New Castle," was built in the Baroque style and features ornate decoration, including frescoes and stucco work.


The castle’s interior is just as impressive as its exterior, with beautifully decorated rooms, each with their own unique style. Some of the most notable rooms include the Great Hall, which features frescoes depicting scenes from Greek and Roman mythology, and the Knight’s Hall, which features a fireplace made of black marble.

Krasiczyn Castle

God, the Pope, the King and Nobility

The towers of Krasiczyn Castle were interestingly named after God, the Pope, the King and Nobility, with the King Tower being the favourite of potential Princesses, this is the one with a conical roof and little turrets (where’s Rapunzel?).

Over the years, the castle has been owned by several noble Polish families and has been visited by many Polish kings. One of most precious elements of the complex is the chapel, located in the Divine Tower, which has been compared to the Sigismund’s Chapel in Krakow’s Wawel Cathedral.

Krasiczyn Castle is surrounded by a picturesque park with a pond, which today is a popular location for weddings and other special events.

Army barracks

Krasiczyn was used as an Army barracks during WWII, and it suffered from vandalism and looting but was renovated back to its former glory after the collapse of Communist system.

Krasiczyn Castle


In 2000, Krasiczyn was added to the association of hotels and restaurants located in historic buildings. The rooms are located in different parts of the castle complex.

The hotel offers ensuite rooms with satellite TV & free Wi-Fi. Guests are provided with free private parking, a large garden with a designated BBQ area, a café and amenities such as bicycle rental. The Castle Restaurant serves Polish and International dishes.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Krasiczyn Castle in Poland:

What is the history of Krasiczyn Castle?
The castle was built in the late 16th century and has had various renovations over time, including rebuilding and additions in the Baroque and Classicism styles. The castle was occupied by Russian army during WWII and suffered damage, after which it was repaired.

What are the hours of operation?
The opening hours can vary depending on the time of year, but generally the castle is open to visitors from 9:00am to 5:00pm. It’s recommended to check the official website before you visit.

Are guided tours available?
Yes, guided tours of the castle are available in Polish and English. Guided tours typically take between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Is the castle wheelchair accessible?
The castle is not fully wheelchair accessible, as some parts of the castle may be difficult to access for those with limited mobility.

Can I take photos inside the castle?
Photography is allowed inside the castle, but flash photography is not permitted.

Are there restrooms available?
Yes, there are restrooms available for visitors at the castle.

How can I get to Krasiczyn Castle?
The castle is located in the village of Krasiczyn, in south-eastern Poland. The closest airports are Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (RZE) and Lviv International Airport (LWO). Visitors can also reach the castle by train or bus. Car is another option which gives you the flexibility to explore the area.

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