Polish cuisine


Polish cuisine has been influenced by many things over the years including the countries that border Poland, the natural resources of the land, the region and the country's location in the middle of historical trade routes.

Originating from a time when merchants came to Poland to exchange amber for exotic spices, you will find that many Polish dishes have a taste of faraway lands. There are many excellent restaurants in Poland where you can enjoy both local and International cuisine.

Polish cuisine is rich in flavours and also perfect for those who crave comfort food. Polish food is influenced heavily by nature’s bounty such as chicken, pork, wheat, rye, vegetables, mushrooms, fish, salt, wild game and honey. Dishes are often fried or stewed.

Bread & sausages

A popular dish and the most well-known outside of Poland is dumplings (pierogi). Also very popular in Poland is soup. If you were to look through Polish cookbooks, you will find a multitude of varieties of soup to try, we stopped counting after 150.

Pickles are a mainstay of Polish cuisine, particularly pickled cucumbers and herring and you will find a variety of pickled goodies in or accompanying many different dishes. Generally speaking, Polish cuisine is substantial and high in calories and often contains a lot of meat. A favourite snack is bread and sausages.

Below you will find the 12 most popular dishes in Poland. For those of you who are coming to Warsaw or are here already, check out these local cooking experiences.

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Polish food Tours & Experiences

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