Regions of Poland

Sixteen Regions

There are sixteen regions of Poland (voivodeships in Polish). Think of these as counties in the UK or a province in many other countries.

Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north and a region of mountains to the south with a diverse range of flora & fauna, rivers & lakes and landscapes in between.

Each of the regions of Poland has its own unique identity, some are perfect for visitors who love active holidays, focused on cycling, hiking, winter activities & boating and some are more suited to those who prefer to spend time in the cities and towns.

Diverse Opportunities

The most popular cities in Poland are Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk, all providing urban tourists with plenty to see & do. You’ll find some incredible museums & theatres in these cities in addition to a multitude of excellent restaurants, bars & clubs.

Active types will enjoy visiting the regions of Warmia-Masuria, Masovia and Podlaskie. Here you will find an abundance of lakes providing superb opportunities for sailing, kayaking and cycling; whilst the mountains in the south provide some incredible hiking routes and rock climbing opportunities.

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