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Welcome to our expats in Poland section where we provide expats with useful information to help them to live and work in Poland.

There was once a time when the number of expats in Poland were few, and there was an abundance of job opportunities, particularly at executive and senior management level.

It’s all changed now! There's no more requirement to import senior management experience, the majority of recruitment is in-house. The brain drain is being reversed, many Poles can recognise that Poland now presents opportunity and they're coming home, especially from the UK where Brexit has upset the apple cart.

Today, there's more expats in Poland than ever before, not just from the UK, but also from the USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia, the result of this being increased competition for the few jobs, which are available.

Add to that the significant increase in the cost of property and rent over the past decade and you might start to wonder if there are any benefits to living here at all?

Well, yes, there are – is the short answer. Poland is a remarkable country, it’s extremely rich in culture and history, it has beautiful mountains, 328 miles of golden coastline, over 10,000 lakes, huge forests, National Parks and it even has its own little desert.

Plus, you can still buy a pint of beer in the city for 10 PLN!

The Law Firm of Bernard Lukomski was founded in 2003 in Warsaw. Since then, we have worked on a wide range of projects and transactions for both domestic and International clients.

A little bit of help

There are jobs in Poland for non-Polish speakers, in places like call centres or business service centres who have vacancies in IT, accounting, R&D and marketing; however these are primarily city-based. Usually, the further away from the city you live, the more difficult it is to find employment; however the COVID pandemic has taught us all that home working is viable, so it's still worth looking for that city job even though you may live in the sticks.

Other options include setting yourself up in business, using your existing skills and knowledge to become a consultant, to teach, to create, to build – or perhaps, learning some new tricks is an option?

In this section, we provide information on a range of things including everyday living, general information, and useful resources such as dental treatment, finding a lawyer etc.

We will also attempt to help you with all of the post Brexit questions that you may have (or at least point you in the right direction).

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