Castles & Palaces in Poland

Reminder of bygone days

There are hundreds of castles & palaces in Poland; which is not at all surprising when you consider that the country has been involved in so many wars. Poland’s history includes a glorious and golden era in addition to many painful and dark periods and over the years, the country has suffered from countless battles, partitions and other political and social disorders.

The castles & palaces in Poland all have their own unique and individual stories to tell and they serve as a reminder of bygone days. There are numerous stories to be told, some factual, some legendary & fantastical, some involving lost Nazi gold trains and some involving ghouls and ghosts.

Layers of history

You’ll find an astonishing assortment of castles & palaces to visit ranging from Disney like palaces to Teutonic Order brick castles to medieval fortresses with some structures being the most impressive in all of Europe.

Many castles & palaces in Poland are either preserved or restored often with meticulous detail and you will also find many structures that have remained untouched. In some circumstances, structures have been completely reconstructed; such as the Royal Castle in Warsaw; which was turned to rubble during World War II.

Many of these amazing structures are now homes to either historical education centres or museums and some have been converted into luxury spa & hotels. From the exuberant & exquisite to practical UNESCO listed Teutonic Knights castles, the castles & palaces of Poland provide visitors with layers of history just waiting to be uncovered.

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