Popular Towns in Poland

Cultural differences

There are some incredible towns in Poland, which should not be missed. Part of Poland’s charm is the places that its people live in and the subtle cultural differences you will find in towns in the north of the country and towns located towards the southern border. This also applies to east and west. Architecture, food and way of life is all affected by who your neighbours are, the lie of the land and history.

These influences are not as apparent in the conurbations and cities in Poland; which attract residents from all over the country; this is why the towns in Poland (the smaller ones especially) are worthwhile of exploration.

Assortment of wonders

Some towns in Poland are very popular with Polish tourists, such as Kazimierz Dolny, Sandomierz, Biecz and Chelmno to name a few, but there are many other towns worthy of a visit and on this page, we have provided details of our fifteen favourite.

Within these towns, you’re find an assortment of wonders, Romanesque cathedrals, castles & palaces, historic marketplaces, medieval squares, churches of all shapes and sizes and much more.

So, is it worth jumping in the car and getting out of the city? – Absolutely!

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