Cities in Poland

Places to explore

From bustling metropolises with Gotham City style buildings to delightful old towns with multi-coloured market squares to the smallest of villages with oodles of charm, Poland has many wonderful places to explore. On this page, we have provided detailed information about our fifteen favourite Cities in Poland.

There’s lots to discover! You’ll find cities that magically mix Renaissance style architecture with communist-era buildings such as Warsaw, you’ll also discover cultural and entertainment centres with castles & stories of dragons in the form of Krakow. Tri-City provides you with three cities in one location and that’s a good few days of sightseeing and exploration in its own right!

Amazing culture & history

Within the cities in Poland, you will uncover hundreds of years of history, some golden, some tragic – but always interesting. The love affair that Poland has with museums and monuments will help you to understand the amazing culture and history of the country and the memorials will help you to understand the horrors.

Poland’s cities provide visitors with great restaurants, a lively nightlife scene with a variety of bars, pubs & clubs, superb museums, art galleries and theatres in addition to wonderful old towns and incredible buildings.

One of the best ways to explore the various cities in Poland is to take an organised tour. You’ll find an excellent choice of Experiences & Tours on this website, particularly in Warsaw & Krakow – more information.

To explore more cities in Poland, we recommend our travel partner – Tripadvisor.

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