Tag: Kuchnie Świata

Tag: Kuchnie Świata

Food from home Warsaw

Whether it's Marmite, pork sausages, steak & kidney pie, fish and chips or something else, most expats will have a craving for, 'food from home' at some point during their stay here in Warsaw.

Don't worry! It is possible to find most things, it was easier prior to Brexit for sure, but if you look in the right places, you will sometimes find what you're looking for. On this page, we help you to track down those goodies from home that you can't live without.

The easiest way to get your fix is to find a bar or restaurant that will make it for you. There’s not a great deal of choice in Warsaw, but Legends Bar on Emilii Plater 25 will help you. They have a tradition British menu and serve all-day English breakfast, steak and kidney pie complete with mushy peas and onion gravy, fish and chips and various other pub favourites.

If you prefer to hunt for your fix and make it at home, then there’s a few options.

The British Shop in Warsaw, at Emilii Plater 12 has everything that you need; however it really is not cheap. But what’s the price of a fix, right? The good news is, you don’t have to go to the shop, they have an online store.

Many expats do their shopping at Dealz, there’s a few of them scattered around the city and they often have a good selection of British food, although the selection has dwindled somewhat since Brexit. You might be lucky though and go on a good day. You can see where their shops are and check out what they sell on their website.

There’s plenty of Lidl stores in the city, and they often stock British food. If you’re really lucky, on a good day, they have proper bacon.

Kuchnie Świata in Złote Tarasy is a good place to find chocolates such as traditional British Easter eggs, but is on the expensive side.